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Pandemic-Induced Anxiety 

Prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications increased a full 34 percent in one month between February and March this year according to an Express Scripts report.   When Dr. Jessica Gold answered her phone for our scheduled call, she was slightly flustered and… Continue Reading →

Reporting on Health: A Beat Statement

Before the coronavirus lockdown, I was on a mission to inform readers about healthcare treatments, alternatives, and the systems surrounding them. I sought to provide solutions that would, in turn, foster self-advocacy for underfunded and under-researched chronic illnesses.  When coronavirus… Continue Reading →

Responding to a Story of Rape and Abortion in Mexico (Rewire News)

Sixteen-year-old Patricia discovered she was pregnant after a taxi driver in her city of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico, raped her. Amy Littlefield and Laura Gottesdiener begin their Rewire coverage of Patricia’s journey with depictions of her using rue tea, aloe, and unsalted bean soup… Continue Reading →

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