Hear why farmer Allyson Angelini launched the Full Heart Farm Collective in the midst of a spreading pandemic:


What does the Full Heart Farm Collective offer? Listen to find out:

When COVID-19 first hit the US, Allyson Angelini of Full Heart Farm began to hear of disruptions to farming operations in the Seattle area. She knew it was only a matter of time before her farm would be impacted.

Within the last month, the virus has reached her small town in Ledyard, Connecticut and Angelini has been hard at work figuring out how to run a farm amid a pandemic. She immediately redesigned how her CSA customers picked-up their farm shares and she shut down her farm stand, but there was a bigger issue brewing.

With farmers markets unsafe, and restaurants shutting down, most local food producers had nowhere to sell their goods to customers. Allyson realized she had access to a wide local customer base that so many of her farmer friends desperately needed access. It took her two weeks to launch The Full Heart Farm Collective, an online farmers market. The first few weeks of the Collective proved very successful, she repeatedly sold out of everything listed. Allyson is now expanding the online shop.

“The question was if it’s not safe to go to the market this summer, then how can we support our friends and partners in the local food business? What is the plan? I asked how can I help with that? And that’s how the Full Heart Farm was born…”

Customer of the Full Heart Farm Collective pick up their orders curbside. Visitors are greeted with a hand painted door instructing them to stay in their cars.

“The Full Heart Farm Collective is essentially an onlines farmers market to support local food producers through the pandemic […] We serve the community and the community is in need”


Allyson and Henry prepare hand-cut flower bouquets for Mother’s Day weekend.